Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bus Report #594

On my way to meet The Teacher's Pet I took the 22 up the hill to Farley's.
The bus wasn't crowded, and it was mostly quiet. Everyone looked tired and beat down by the rain, which had stopped for a few minutes. Still, we were all damp in our jackets and the teens in the back of the bus weren't even smack-talking each other.
A couple rows ahead of me sat a little boy with the coolest metallic red hearing aids. He talked to his dad about school and things he could see out the window.
A couple of men got out in front of Sunflower. The back doors didn't slide shut behind them as they should have, and the driver tried a couple of times to close them.
Everyone sat still, no one did anything.
Finally I got up and tugged the right-side door shut. The other door snapped back into place too.
The driver called back, "Thanks."
I sat down.
The little boy turned around in his seat and stared at me. I grinned at him and wiggled my eyebrows, winked. He burst out laughing, and I felt happy.


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