Friday, September 02, 2011

Bus Report #639

On the 38 yesterday, headed downtown to the Museum of Craft and Folk Art.
The bus was packed with kids and I vowed not to ride Muni right after school gets out ever again, unless I absolutely have to.

A woman stood in front of me wearing an I [Heart] SF T-shirt. She also had an I [Heart] Las Vegas purse. I wondered if she loved SF and Vegas equally, or if one won over the other.

Our bus got mired in terrible traffic between Powell and Stockton - construction crews moving heavy equipment as slowly as was possible. Our driver was nice enough to let everyone out who wanted out... Otherwise I think I would have sat there another fifteen minutes.

Later, on the way home, I sat between two girls with terrible breath. I closed my eyes and tilted my head up towards the window and hoped for the best.

And lastly, my new least favorite bus stop has got to be the 38 Outbound stop on Geary between Polk and Van Ness.
Now that half that block is shut down and boarded up (and slated to be torn down to build a new CPMC, I think, right?) It is dark and vacant and I keep thinking I see people moving in the abandoned apartments upstairs.


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