Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bus Report #653

Due to a new schedule, I now see Carmen most afternoons instead of in the mornings.
It is great to see her, even if I can't easily save her a seat like she used to do for me in the mornings.
The other day the seat beside me was empty so I waved her down when the bus picked up passengers at her stop. We rode toward home together and caught up on things, and laughed like we always do.
At Geary we ran for a 38L and crowded onto the back of the bus.
There was an empty seat and I urged her to take it.
"Because I'm an old lady?" she said.
"Oh please," I said. "Old? No way."
"Ah," she said, grinning. "Well, you are fifteen, right?"
I laughed. "Mmmm, well, twice over," I said.


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