Friday, December 02, 2011

Bus Report #658

Coming home from downtown last night, the 38 stopped to pick me up in front of a row of shuttered stores in the first block of Geary.

I sat behind a boy with a huge suitcase with the words "Polo Classic" written in big block letters all around the side of it.
He had a bag, too, stuffed under the seat, right up against my toes.

Mel's on Geary and Spruce had half the neon burned out on its sign so that it said, "Mel's Vein" - And I liked that.

A couple of drunk boys got on at Arguello and spent the next few minutes peering out the windows to make sure they didn't miss their stop.
At 9th, one of the boys said, "this is our stop," but none of them moved.


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