Friday, November 11, 2011

Bus Report #654

When my 38 Geary driver pulled up this morning, the bus was empty and dark. He opened the door and said, "They didn't give you the day off?"
I smiled and said, "You either, huh?"
He held a lollipop in his hand. He licked it. "Nope," he said.

The 22 was empty, too, but by the time we got to Turk there were about a dozen passengers, most people napping or listening to headphones.
A man with a cane got on the bus. The driver held his hand out and said, "Man, you try this every day, you tried this 20 minutes ago. You can't be on this bus. Get off."
The man said, "This ain't no beer, it's for my eyes. It's for my eyes," and he started getting in the driver's face, shoving his 'eye medication' at the driver, and cursing him out.
"You've got to get out of this bus," the driver said again.
The man kept yelling, even began threatening the driver. Finally, he called our driver a "Bitch ass N----," and got off the bus.
The driver shut the door. "Maybe, but at least I'm well paid," he said.

It might be a holiday today (thanks for your service, veterans and active duty military personnel!) but at the coffee shop it was business as usual.
James was there and we chatted for a moment.
"I thought you'd taken the season off," I said. "Haven't seen you since baseball ended."
"I went down to Houston," he said, shaking his head. "Too damn hot down there."
"Welcome home," I said.


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