Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bus Report #664

This week's commute, so far...

2 sightings of the man who always sits next to me, who stinks of rose-scented cologne - he sat next to me on Monday, walked to the back of the bus on Tuesday.

3 sightings of the little guy with the suit jacket and the baseball cap - he sat next to me on Tuesday, in front of me this morning.

1 sighting of my favorite 22 Fillmore driver - he slowed the bus near the garage this morning, honked and then waved at me, flashing his beautiful bright smile as the bus kept going.

1 sighting of the friendly woman who is always on my 2 Clement - we chatted about our holiday trips (she went scuba diving in Cabo) - and for once I made sure to speak loudly and clearly, because she can't hear me unless she is looking at me straight on.


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