Monday, December 26, 2011

Bus Report #661

Christmas Eve, waiting for the 14 Mission, my visiting parents in tow.
We were by Embarcadero. Across the street, several homeless people were lying on the sidewalk, in a patch of sun.
A family walked by - the mom in a sequined shirt I could see from across the street, the dad in a suit jacket, the little daughter in a bright red coat and a black fur hat.
There was something strange about them and I nudged my mother to take a look at them.
They walked towards one of the homeless women and stopped.
I thought, oh, how nice, they're going to give her something, Christmas spirit and all that.

But no.

Instead, the dad leaned down and talked to the woman, and then the little girl went up to her and...


She smiled, gave a thumbs' up and waved at her mom as she took the photo, then the three of them skipped down the street.

I hope they gave the woman money. A lot of it.


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