Monday, May 07, 2012

Bus Report #688

I'm used to seeing regulars from my commute off the bus - we'll be in a bar, or a shop, walking down the street, and I'll think, how do I know you? There is usually a quick nod of acknowledgement, maybe a smile.
Or sometimes more - a full-fledged conversation - like meeting British Look Guy at Bottom of the Hill a few years ago. Or walking down Divisadero with The Handsome South Asian Chef.

I was in the hardware store the other day, when I saw a familiar face I haven't seen in a while; Mr. Polite.
He was in a rush (isn't he always?), and as he hurried by he saw me, stopped, turned around and said, "Hello there, it's nice to see you."
I smiled. Said, "Yeah, it's been a while, you, too."
And then he was gone, a blur of fleece jacket and tortoiseshell glasses.


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