Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bus Report #223

In which yours truly feels like she's in the Twilight Zone, drinks too much, and listens to some music (after getting off the bus, of course).

Yesterday afternoon I hurried home so I would be able to go back out again. I chatted with D. while we rode on the 10 Townsend. Saw Ramon out the window and we waved at each other rather frantically for a minute.
A girl got on at the next stop carrying four multicolored hula hoops. Instantly, I thought of Jess and the hula hoop practice she used to do at the old apartment.

Later, I went back out to meet JC at his place. We were going to go to my favorite club in the city to hear some bands.
First, I ended up on a 38 Geary with the handsome South Asian chef. We smiled at each other, did the casual half-wave, and said 'Hi'. We were both dressed for going out, and it was a little funny to see him once again without his cap and chef's clothes.

I caught a 24 Divisadero and he would have, too, if the Next Bus sign hadn't said the next bus was in 40 minutes. Luckily (and unluckily) the sign was wrong and it came in ten minutes. I got to JC's place and after he finished dinner we headed out, catching a 22 Fillmore with ease.

When we got to the club it wasn't very crowded but I immediately spotted some familiar faces: The Depressed CCA Student and British Look Guy. I felt a little thrown off my game, I have to admit. One bus commuter sighting is enough, two is just weird.

And then it got weirder.

Lil, a woman I see everywhere (including the 38 Geary) walked in.

The opening bands played and who was in one of those bands?

British Look Guy. Of course.

I probably confused JC because I got all excited to see what British Look Guy would do. Ha ha, I saw him play a musical instrument! I saw him sing! I saw him tell jokes and drink a beer! It was just too funny. Meanwhile, Lil stood on one side of the stage watching the band while the Depressed CCA Student stood over in the corner, slouched over and not moving.

After their set we got some more drinks. Watched the crowd. Waited for the headliners to come on. After they played, it was getting late and people started to leave. JC and I finished our drinks. And then...

British Look Guy walked up to me and held out his hand. "Hey," he said. "I used to see you on the bus all the time. I'm Liam."
I was taken by surprised but I politely shook his hand and introduced myself. Then the guys shook hands too.
"You guys were great," I told him. Then I admitted, "I was surprised to see you! I saw your neck tattoo and I was like, hey, I know that guy."
He laughed. The three of us chatted for a little bit, talked about the bus and the city and music. Finally, sadly, it was time to go.
British Look Guy! Handsome South Asian chef! Depressed CCA Student! Lil!
What a night.


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