Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bus Report #689

A post I have forgotten to write up for two weeks -

The 22 Fillmore slid past Yoshi's, and I caught a poster in the window advertising a Cuban jazz group. It barely registered with me, other than putting me in mind of an old album I'd bought in college - Cuban but not jazz - Mucho Macho Machito and his Afro-Cuban Salseros.

Ten minutes later I waited on Sutter for the 2 Clement, which was running late.

A group of about ten guys, walking in two smaller groups of 5 each, came down the street.
Some carried musical instruments in black cases - some trumpets, or saxophones, maybe a bass, a guitar.
The guys were all dressed up in black dress pants and black shirts, not matching each other exactly, but definitely prepared to perform together, or something.
They looked sharp.
They laughed and joked as they walked, mostly in English but I caught some Spanish - and my Cuban-accent radar went off.
They were a great looking group.
I watched them cross the street, heading towards Geary, and then it hit me - they were probably the band performing at Yoshi's that night!
I never got confirmation, didn't need to, but man, we need more of that - well-dressed, good-looking men with musical instruments? Yes, please.


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