Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bus Report #728

After work the Teacher's Pet and I met up for drinks and dinner. Good beer (happy hour!), spicy dinner (Gajalee!) and then it was off on our respective buses. Her 22 Fillmore arrived at the stop just as we did, and she was on her way. I had a feeling I was going to miss the 33 and have to kill time for another 25 minutes, so I walked slowly down to 18th.
Just as I passed Luna Park I saw the 33 idling at the light. I dashed to the bus stop and climbed on, right behind a shaggy-haired, thick-glasses-wearing, kind of shlubby guy.
He went to sit in the front, while I sat few rows back against the window.
We had barely pulled away from the stop when the man sitting across from shaggy-hair stood up and said to shaggy-hair, "Hey, it's great to see you." The two of them shook hands, but shaggy-hair couldn't place the other man.
"We met at the _____ conference a couple years ago," the other man explained. "And I was actually thinking of getting in touch with you for the festival coming up."
"Of course," said shaggy-hair, grinning. He pumped the other man's hand again. "You're... Dan, right?"
"That's right," said the other man. "How funny, John, to run in to you."
They started chatting about Dan's upcoming festival (film? Music? I couldn't tell) and John's new projects, and then they exchanged business cards.
In the Castro three friends got on the bus and sat down near Dan. One of the three friends, a young woman, caught John's eye.
"You're John _______, right?" she said, smiling.
"I am," John said. "How do we know each other?"
It turned out the young woman had been at another conference with John a few years back, and they had even worked on the same team together. He still couldn't remember her name so they exchanged business cards too, and then John said, loudly, "OH! Of course, NOW I remember you," and then they chatted some more.
The young woman told John she and her friends had started a new company selling high-end condiments. John was enthusiastic, asking where they sold their products and how he could get some of their stuff. He looked around the bus and said in a raised voice, "You heard that, everyone? Rainbow Grocery has their Ketchup, you should pick some up."
Several of us laughed.
The three friends got out at Haight and I wondered if anyone else was going to get on and do some networking.
No such luck. John and I got out at Arguello and stood shivering in the bus shelter until the 38L arrived to take us both home. 


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