Thursday, March 07, 2013

Bus Report #735

I don't think I ever posted this bus report from last month, forgive me...

Early morning bus ride on Lacey's bus - me, some other regulars in the back of the bus, the friendly construction workers, a gaggle of teens, the oldest school crossing guard in the world, and some sleepy preschoolers and their mom.
Our bus makes it to Church and Market, and then, just before the Church Street stop, a J Church train stops in the middle of the intersection and goes out of service.
The driver hustles the passengers out of the train, and then he gets out, too.
Lacey's bus is between the train and the bus stop at Church and 16th, and there are cars behind us.
The J-Church driver thinks Lacey can make the turn, she'll just have to do a three-pointer (of course, no problem, right? Good lord).
He stands between the back of his train and the side of her bus, and directs this maneuver. At one point we are maybe within an inch of hitting the train.
And because there are other vehicles in the intersection, and because there's a curb and a railing at the J-Church stop across the street, it's not going to happen.
Lacey calls out the window, "I don't think I can do this," and the J-Church driver peels off his gloves and says that he can.
A few passengers get out the bus and start walking. Lacey gets out to spot the J-Church driver, and I get out, too, not convinced any of this is a good idea. She and I stand on the sidewalk with another Muni driver, and watch the J-Church driver reverse the bus a few feet, straighten out, and then roll forward a few feet onto Church.
We're going to have to go around the block, I realize, and then flip back around on Dolores.
Lacey and I get back on the bus.
She's her usual cheerful self, tells everyone, "I have to go around the block, but then we'll be back on the route, so hang on guys!"
The bus crawls down Church and turns at 17th. Meanwhile, Lacey's on the phone to dispatch, making sure they know that it was the J-Church that had broken down and caused the whole thing.
We get to Dolores and there are a few people waiting at the bus stop.
Lacey leans out the window and calls for them to meet us in front of the yoga place, because she'll have to reconnect the wires and wait for the pressure to build up again, anyway.
Three minutes later we are back on track.


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