Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bus Report #729

And the Lacey show continues...
She greets me with a now-customary, "Good morning, Ray-Chal!" and I wish her a good morning, too, and ask how her mini-vacation went.
"Good, good," she says, smiling and nodding her head.
The world's oldest school crossing guard sits in his usual seat across from Lacey, in his day-glo yellow jacket with the words CROSSING GUARD in big black letters on the back of it. He has to be in his 90s, but he looks older. He is quiet but always says good morning, too. He switches his STOP sign to his other hand and reaches down to the floor to make sure his grocery sack (with his lunch?) is still there.
I find my seat and watch the two construction workers get on and say "Morning," to Lacey. They slip into the seats behind me.
Next up, a security guard with a long scar down the side of his face gets on. He carries a steaming coffee for himself and a second coffee for Lacey. He settles into the seat next to the crossing guard.
The bus is about to leave the stop when another familiar passenger jogs up - the 80's lady.
Today she's wearing a turquoise and silver parka and black Reeboks with her acid washed, high-waisted jeans. Two slashes of blush on her cheeks. She waves to Lacey, to the crossing guard and the security guard.
I've got my headphones on but I can hear them all chatting, and Lacey laughing, and it is a nice way to start the morning.


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