Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bus Report #757

Sunday night I was on my way home from the movies, having seen I'm So Excited! downtown with S.
The movie was funny, though not an Almodóvar film I would add to my movie library (but it did make me want to go home and have an Almodóvar movie marathon!).
The 38 Geary was crowded. I sat by the window, a kid eating a fast food meal behind me and a tall, well-dressed young guy sitting in front of me. I figured him for a downtown financial suit, so I was surprised when a moment later another extremely well dressed guy came up to him and asked if he was still working at Nordstrom. 
The newcomer wore a grey suit with an orange pocket square and orange tie, and grey wingtip shoes. He took off his Ray Bans and shook the other man's hand. "I'm at Saks now," said orange tie guy. "I only lasted a couple weeks at Nordstrom, until that bitch had me canned."
The seated man said, "What are you up to right now? I'm going to go home, go for a run, but then I'm free."
Orange tie guy replied, "Actually I was gonna see if you wanted to smoke some weed. I guess that's like, the opposite of going for a run."
They both laughed.
Orange tie took out his phone. "Dude, give me your number, we can hang out some other time."
The seated man punched his number into orange tie's phone. Orange tie said, "My IPhone got jacked last week... Right in my neighborhood, which is why I'm back to using this thing."
Number exchange complete, orange tie guy gestured to the seated man that he was going to go sit in the back of the bus.
"Catch you later," said the seated man.
"Yeah, dude," said orange tie.

Back in my neighborhood the streets were quiet, many of the stores already shut for the night. It was cool and foggy, one of those perfect San Francisco nights where you just want to go home and wrap yourself up in a blanket.
Which is exactly what I did when I got home.


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