Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bus Report #750

Last night I was planning to take the 19 Polk to meet up with the Tuesday night folks at It's A Grind.
Usually there is a bus right as I leave work for the night, but I double checked NextBus just in case.
Man, was I glad I checked...Because the tracker was saying 39 minutes, 45 minutes and 52 minutes.
It didn't look like there was any reason for this (I checked SFMTA too, and they didn't have any info about delays) but I didn't want to chance anything.
I walked down to a bus stop where I knew I could also catch the 10 - which I would take downtown and then transfer to the 1 - not the fastest or most direct way to get to my destination, but it seemed the least likely to strand me on a corner for 30 minutes with no bus in sight.
This whole time, there were no 19 Polk buses, though there were bunches of people waiting at the other 19 Polk stops.
The 10 arrived and I got on, and we had a painless trip downtown.
I just barely caught the 1 California at Sacramento and Sansome, and I got to Polk Street with enough time to stop in to a City Discount.
Twenty minutes later, looking out the window of the cafe, I saw three 19 Polk buses back-to-back, followed a moment later by another bus.
Good lord.

Later, on my way home, I rode a crowded (and then less crowded, and then almost empty) 1 California back out to the neighborhood. My seat mate on the long bench seat at the back of the bus was trying to type on his laptop as we rolled up the street, but the laptop kept sliding around until he finally admitted half-defeat and held the computer with his left hand while pecking out words with his right.


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