Thursday, July 04, 2013

Bus Report #754

Yesterday morning on the 22...

Mr. Fantastic got on at Hayes, his neon yellow wristlet dangling from his wrist.
He's got a new hairdo - a cross between a fade and a bouffant. It makes his head look bigger - as though he's got a longer forehead.
He wore a white and black striped shirt and a necklace made of shellacked kukui nuts. On him, it looked good - on anyone else, it would look stupid.

The 80's woman was there, too. She wore thick black tights and black shoes with squared heels and big pilgrim buckles. Her stretchy skirt rode up a little in the front. She sat down next to another one of the early-morning regulars, a nurse.

The bus stopped for a wheelchair passenger. It took forever to load the wheelchair, and when the man was safely on board he stood up and walked around behind the chair, and pushed it into the wheelchair spot.

Happy 4th of July, San Francisco!


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