Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Bus Report #759

Monday morning, sleepy. I had a moment of panic in the shower, thinking I had accidentally woken up an hour early. After that, I was wide awake and made it out to the bus stop with time to spare. I put on the newest Radiolab podcast; the Blood episode.
Blood doesn’t bother me, but when the episode started talking about how much donated blood costs, I felt angry thinking about all my past donations and how expensive the transfusions of my blood must have been, that my free donations weren’t so free to the people who needed them. I stalked up the hill to work, a little heartbroken, mostly annoyed.

After work I crammed on to a packed 38L, tried to get past the people hugging the stairwell and move to the back. Just a few steps from where they were huddling, there was an empty seat next to a sleeping man who bobbed awake as we drove up the hill by Kaiser.


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