Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bus Report #763

School has officially started in San Francisco. How do I know? Easy. Mr. Taylor, the world’s oldest school crossing guard, is back on duty.

He’s got his neon yellow uniform, and his STOP sign, and his travel mug of coffee. I wonder if he makes it at home or goes out. I should ask him. I wouldn’t mind adding him to the Christmas coffee card list.

I saw him on the bus this morning. He greeted me with a, “Hello, good morning, Rachel!”
I said good morning as sweetly as I can at 6:45 AM – He’s worth it. We shook hands and caught up for a minute, I went to sit down. I won’t lie; it was a relief to see him, to know he’s still with us in the world.
When the bus pulled in to his stop, he stood up and waved, smiling broadly. I waved, smiled back at him.


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