Monday, December 16, 2013

Bus Report #781

Thursday night, supper with S. on Church and Market. As we paid our bill we checked to see if our buses were on their way, and mine was just pulling into the stop across the street.
We said good night quickly and I dashed out of the restaurant, cramming my card and receipt into my pocket as I ran for the 22.

The bus was crowded but I squished in next to a very large man and his crumpled grocery bags.

At Geary I crossed the street to catch the 38. Not a lot of people in the stop, just me and a couple of kids, and a pair of short, stocky drunks weaving their way down the block from Steiner.

The drunks swayed closer and one of them brushed past me on the left.
I can understand walking into someone by accident, I can even understand if he did it on purpose.
But grabbing the right side of my ass as he passed by? Come on now.


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