Monday, July 28, 2014

Bus Report #827

This morning Muni was all about running.

On the 38 my favorite driver greeted me with a "Good morning, Rachel!" and I told him I was happy to see him.

There were a few folks running to chase our bus as we approached 6th Ave. and then 3rd Ave., more at Arguello and then Presidio.

At Fillmore I caught the bus, driven by Lacey's replacement. she idled at the light so the construction workers could catch the bus, but one of them ran for the next stop up, while his buddy breathlessly got on our bus.

As we worked our way down Fillmore we took on more runners - a boy in a parka, running two blocks to catch us at McAllister, a woman with a fast food breakfast, running up the street to catch us at Hayes.

More runners at Church and Market, including a woman who flagged us down with a folder of some kind.

It was just one of those mornings, I guess.


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