Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Bus Report #829

Monday afternoon I noticed a newly erected sign in my afternoon bus stop, an official bus stop sign with a green strip attached to it that said the spot was now also a private shuttle stop.

Last night, Tuesday, the bus stop was gone, zoned (I think) for private buses only (I will double check this week). A woman waiting in the stop flagged the bus down and the driver pulled over to let her on, told her to catch the bus at the stop on the next block and then he said, "This stop canceled."
"Canceled?" said the woman, baffled.
"Canceled?" I said, "But I just caught the bus there last night."
"Canceled," said the driver, with no offer of further insight.

Now look - I am all for eliminating bus stops, there are too many on a lot of routes and it is unnecessary and slows us all down. But. You gotta tell us you're doing it ahead of time. I am a noticer, I'd have seen any signs posted to tell us about the change. No signs. None at all.

And taking it out of service for a private shuttle bus? Hmmm. It doesn't set well with me, not today at least.


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