Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Bus Report #847

Sorry for the quiet November, but I was doing NaNoWriMo and didn't have any free time. I've saved up a few posts that I'll put up throughout the next week or so when I have a moment.

But now, I'm back!

This morning on a wet yet oddly cozy 33 Stanyan:

The man sitting across from me was big, and tall, and bald with a thick, thick beard. He looked like the genie from the Disney Aladdin movie, except, you know, not blue.

He took a small bottle from his bag, and his comb, and poured some liquid on his comb. He combed his beard, mustache and eyebrows with it, then reapplied. I think it was some kind of essential oil or beard conditioner. Then, just when I thought he was done, he took the smallest little horse brush (what the internet tells me is also called a dandy brush, which made sense) from his bag and brushed his beard and mustache for a few minutes.

I won't lie. It looked good.


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