Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Bus Report #867

On the 38 Geary last night, headed to the grocery store.

A very tall, very cute boy couple got on the bus and sat down a few rows ahead of me, and spent most of the ride nuzzling each other's necks and cuddling. Cute. Maybe a little overly affectionate for public transit, but nothing out of the ordinary in our fair city.

But you'd think the rest of the passengers had never seen such a thing before.

One girl stood in the front of the bus, staring, her mouth hanging open a bit.

A woman sitting near me kept leaning forward to get a look, then leaning back, and slightly shaking her head.

And no one wanted the empty seat in front of them.

It was odd. They got out the bus by the Russian bakery and I kept going.


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