Friday, October 21, 2016

Bus Report #941

This morning the bus pulled up right on time, and I got on.
The driver had been waving and honking at the driver of the 2 Clement, the two of them trading honks and grins as they passed each other.
"You're always so cheery in the morning, I really appreciate it," I told him as we did our usual "good mornings/how are yous."
Another regular, a woman who I think is a construction worker, chimed in, "I know, I appreciate it too, it really makes my morning before my coffee's even kicked in yet."
The driver just smiled at us and continued along our route.

I haven't mentioned him lately, but the giant genie has been on the bus a lot recently.
He was gone most of the summer but as soon as school started, he was back. Imagine if he were your teacher! I like to think his students are really young, and that to them, he is truly a giant.

His beard maintenance routine continues to mesmerize me. This morning he applied his beard balm, and then combed and combed and combed. He combed his eyebrows, too, and then squirted some lotion on his hands and moisturized his hands and then his head. I could watch him all day.
Maybe he should make YouTube videos!

Last night my 22 Fillmore driver grinned as I got on and said, "Here she is! Right on time!" He's funny, and friendly. I don't remember him from before but he seems to know me from the route, from years ago. "You've been catching an earlier bus, haven't you?" he asked me, when I first noticed him several months ago.

In the back of the bus sat the Roche Bobois guy. We always say hi to each other, even if it's just a quick head nod of acknowledgement.

Later, on the 38, a polite kid with a backpack and extra sneakers dangling from his hand had to squish close to me to let people off and then on the bus.
"I'm sorry," he said, as he pushed against my shoulder.
"No worries," I told him. "Nothing we can do about it."

The 38 let me out at 6th and I walked home. An elderly woman I often see in the mornings walked by. We always chat a moment as we pass each other at 7th and Clement.
"Hi," I said, and she stopped walking and held out her hand.
"I'm Joan," she said.
"Rachel, nice to meet you," I replied.
"Nice to officially meet you, too," she said.


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