Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bus Report #966

This morning the sky was a matte charcoal grey, and foggy.
So pleasantly foggy that even though I was cold, I felt cozy. My shoes sounded extra loud as I walked down a very deserted Clement Street.

The 33 was on time, Leon at the wheel.
The marquee on the bus said it was only going to Bryant and 17th - fine with me - due to the road work on Potrero.

Leon asked me if I was going further than that.

"It's okay, I usually just walk," I told him.
"What I mean is, I have to turn around on Kansas so you can ride with me til then if you want," he replied.
"That's great, thanks, I'd love a ride," I said, and went to sit down.

The bus was quiet this morning. Not many regulars, just the ladies who get on at Hayes and a man who gets on up on Corbett. No giant genie. No smiley man.

In the Mission some loud guys got on and continued their... Conversation? Argument? in the back of the bus.

When we got to Potrero and 16th, Leon turned around and told everyone to switch to a 9 San Bruno or to the 33 shuttle. Everyone got out except me and one of the loud men, who came and sat near me and said something to me that was completely unintelligible. I could not tell what language, if any, he was using, so I just shrugged and he laughed.

"You going to Kansas?" Leon asked him.
The man shook his head. "Hospital," he said.
"Then you gotta get out and transfer," Leon told him.
"Ah, okay, man," said the man, and he tripped down the stairs and swerved down the sidewalk.

Leon caught my eye in the mirror. "I always keep an eye out for the crazies," he said. "Especially in the mornings, there's a lot more weirdos these days."

I concurred. I moved up to the front of the bus so we could talk without shouting.
He chatted while he drove, and I got out at Kansas and 17th. We wished each other a good day.

"See you tomorrow, and thanks," I said, and I crossed the street and headed to work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm not even going to say it!

10:39 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Oh, dear, dear Solo.
Trust me on this, Leon is not the bus driver for me.
But he is super sweet and friendly!

7:51 AM  

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