Friday, April 14, 2017

Bus Report #969

This morning's ride on the 33 was smooth, just the usual regulars and Leon, being his friendly self.
At Mission Street we took on just three passengers.
A woman chatting quietly on her phone, a young woman with amazing hair, and a man who shuffled onto the bus with his pants pulled up just under his backside.

Had he been wearing underwear, it would have just been an unfortunate fashion faux pas, but he wasn't, so it was an extremely unfortunate early morning glimpse of the last ass you'd want to see.

He sat down near the woman with the amazing hair. She promptly stood up and moved to the row behind me.
The man mumbled to himself, and then stood up and started yelling at Leon.

Leon had been watching him through the mirror as we rode down 16th.
But when the man grew even more aggressive, Leon pulled the bus over and opened the door, and told the man to get out.

It was tense - the man cursing Leon and getting in his face, Leon standing up and trying to calm the man down and get him to leave. The two of them almost pressed up together in the front of the bus. I had my hand on my phone just in case calling the police became necessary.

During all of this, Leon kept glancing back at all of us and apologizing.

I worried that the man would hurt Leon. He was bigger than Leon and obviously not in his right mind. He grabbed his bag and threatened to hurt Leon - "Just try it, ____, I'll beat your ass, ____."
"Man, you always get on my bus and make trouble, you gotta get out right now," Leon replied.
"You gonna make me?" the man said. The man cursed Leon's mother, and shuffled to the back door.
"You ain't even worth it," the man muttered, and he got out.
Leon slammed the doors shut.
"Everyone okay back there? Miss, before you changed seats, did he do anything to you?" he asked.
The woman with amazing hair said no.
Leon apologized to us all again, said the man was always a problem but that he was sorry things got heated.
"You were just fine," I said, and some of the other passengers agreed.

At Potrero I hopped out to wait for the 22. "You have an easy rest of the day," I told Leon.

The 22 pulled up a moment later and who was the first person out of the bus? You guessed it. The problem guy.

One of the other passengers who had just been on the 33 with me looked over at me and said, "uh oh."
We got on the 22. I told the driver, "You know, Leon just kicked that guy off a couple minutes ago, too."
The driver nodded, shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, I can guess why."


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