Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bus Report #1010

Muni nightmare last night, an actual nightmare.

I was riding the 22 Fillmore with a plan to switch to the 19 Polk and then back. For some reason it made sense in the dream to leave my purse and tote bag on the bus, because I'd just get it later.
Even in a dream, Muni doesn't work as planned. I got out of the 19 on Fillmore and McAllister and waited for the 22. I saw it coming but instead a 44 O'Shaughnessy pulled up and I got on.
I could see my 22 getting further and further away, with my purse and tote bag just sitting there on a seat, waiting for my return. The bus climbed higher and higher up the hill, and that was that. No purse, no wallet, no keys, no nothing. Did I even have my Clipper card?
I woke up scared and disoriented, seconds before my alarm clock went off.

This morning the 33 was on time, our new driver (let's call her Tasha) training an even newer driver.
Tasha wore a cool Presidio Muni yard sweatshirt. Muni worm lettering with flames dancing around the letters.

Barely any passengers but I suppose the early hour was the point: she could instruct the new guy without worrying about angry passengers. I think he did pretty well - took the turns like a champ, didn't ride the brakes.

I got out at Potrero and headed to work.
Waved to the guys at the garage, stepped around a knot of UPS drivers smoking on the corner.
Under the overpass I walked in the street to avoid an encampment and almost stepped on what was the largest hypodermic needle I've seen in a while.

In the park, birds and more birds hopping around in the grass. I saw three robin red breasts and I smiled. I always love those guys. 

As I crossed the street to get to work, a car almost hit me - after I'd made eye contact and signaled I was going to cross and everything. I yelled, I screamed, and nothing. The husband stared straight ahead and the wife shrugged at me, as though it was nothing. They kept going.
Half a block later they stopped to drop their precious child off at the ultra fancy private school we share a building with.
Didn't occur to them that perhaps I was someone else's precious child.


Blogger Robert said...

Sorry about your dream. As we get older our brains mess with us in different ways .... It's kinda sad ...

When you see "Tasha" please ask her who do I have to sleep with or what do I have to do to get a "cool Presidio Muni yard sweatshirt. Muni worm lettering with flames dancing around the letters. "

Personally my favorite Menu Tshirt @v the moment is from black sheep comics ...
I think they might be physically on Clement but I ordered over the web ...

be safe ...
I want a Presidio yard shirt though (!) :)

6:47 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

My poor brain, Robert! Haha!

If I see Tasha I'll ask about the sweatshirt. I assume it is a Presidio division item.
I like a lot of the Muni arty designy stuff - especially stuff with the worm lettering or vintage fast passes. I used to have a fast pass case from the Muni Diaries folks, loved it and used it until it fell apart. The mewni shirt is cute!

1:37 PM  

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