Friday, January 25, 2019

Bus Report #1023

Last week there was signage in my bus stop announcing a stop change due to road work. The sign pointed towards California Street even though it referenced catching the bus at Geary.
Confused (but really more annoyed than anything else), I walked down to Geary. The sign in the bus shelter there referenced the road work and directed us to cross the street and catch the bus on the opposite corner.
The bus came and I got on, asked the driver what was up with the stop changes. "So everyone who catches the bus at Clement has to walk to the far corner of Geary?" I asked. Not a problem for me, of course, but I was thinking of Olga, who only takes the bus one stop.
He didn't know.
The next day it was the same thing. The driver had no idea. "You should ask 311," he said.
I called 311 later and had a lengthy chat with a pleasant man who was just as confused as I was.
The following morning all signage was gone and there was no further indication of any work along Arguello.
Well, okay then.

Thursday evening, waiting for the 38. I walked up to the stop and the friendly man who always used to stand too close to me while waiting for the 22 was there. I used to find him annoying but now that I don't take the 22 in the mornings any more, I don't mind him.
He smiled and waved and said, "I have not seen you in a long time."
"How are you?" I asked. "Oh, and Happy New Year!"
"Happy New Year!" He replied.
He tried to ask me something but I didn't know what he meant, so we just smiled and nodded and got on the bus that arrived a moment later.
A scabby, twitchy woman got on the bus and sat down across from me. She was friendly but just a little too loud, a little too out of it. Another passenger cut her eyes at the woman and then tried to catch my eyes. I just shrugged.
The twitchy woman had her dog with her, a cute pit bull mix. His name was Prince.
She tried to get him to sit but he was too excited, so she rummaged in her bag for a pint of Ben and Jerry's and held it up in front of him.
"Sit, Prince," and he did, perfectly still for the time it took for her to open the ice cream and scoop some out onto her fingers. She offered it to Prince and he ate it right up, sat patiently waiting for more.
I wondered what flavor it was, and if she was going to have any of it when she got home.
"Does this stop at the library?" she asked.
I said, "Nope, Divis, but then you can just walk back."
She thanked me and fed the dog some more ice cream.
They got out at Divisadero.
Her jeans had slid down her hips while she sat and we all got an unfortunate eyeful of her light pink thong and her ass. I must have made a face because the woman who had tried to catch my eyes before grinned and rolled her eyes at me.

At my stop I waved goodbye to the friendly man and headed home.


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