Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Bus Report #1024

Took the 19 Polk from work last night, headed downtown.
The bus was very quiet and not crowded - unusual.
A man got on at Folsom. He looked like a drowned rat - completely soaked and his hair was sopping. He shuffled onto the bus clutching an overstuffed plastic bag and sat down near the front of the bus.

We got to 7th and Market in almost no time at all.

I switched to a 9 San Bruno. Seats wet with - I didn't want to know. I stood in the middle of the bus trying not to touch anything other than the bright yellow pole.

A creepy dude muttered to himself and eyeballed all the women, standing in the doorway blocking people coming in an out.
A well dressed woman (reminded me of folks I used to know in my banking temp days) got in and started to sit in the wettest of the seats.
I warned her but she sat anyway.

Later, after errands (thanks for taking my insanely late return, GAP!) I got on the 38R and settled in the back. One of my seatmates spent the ride scrolling through Latin dance hits on her phone while my other seatmate read a book that looked really fascinating - a book about 1980s teen movies.
It was called Pretty in Pink: The Golden Age of Teenage Movies.
I caught a page where the author talked about the 80s movie soundtracks, another where he described a pivotal scene in Adventures in Babysitting.
I couldn't help myself. As she closed her book and started to put it away I said, "That book looks fabulous."
She'd had a pretty good resting bus face going on the whole ride but now her face softened and she smiled. "Oh my god, it is! It is great bus reading."
I told her about our movie night last Friday, how we'd re-watched Adventures in Babysitting and alternately loved and hated it.
"You should try to get this book," she said. "I think it's out of print. You want to take a photo of it?"
"I'm good, I've already memorized the title," I told her.
"Well if you can't find it, and if you see me on the bus again, let me know and I'll lend it to you."
She got up to leave.
"It's a deal," I said.
She got out at 6th Ave.
All the way home I thought about the book and I looked it up before I even had my coat off.
Available second hand online, I bought it for $5.


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