Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bus Report #1034

This morning, walking to the bus, I passed A. who was walking on the other side of the street in the opposite direction. We waved.

Approaching the bus stop but still a block away I saw the bus pull up and then peel off again. I slowed my pace - no need to rush now - and glanced in the window of the clothing boutique near the corner. Pretty summer stuff, I might check it out one of these days.

My bus arrived shortly, no other passengers besides me.

We rode in silence for quite a while, until we picked up a few regulars in the Haight.

On the corner by Hobson's Choice, a homeless woman stood surrounded by bags of stuff. She looked confused, her mouth open, a saucepan overturned on her head instead of a hat.
It was odd, though not the oddest thing I've seen on someones head before. That would be the person on the 22 Fillmore last year who looked to be wearing a jaunty sailor's cap, but it was actually a paper hot dog container, leaking food onto their hair.

I stopped at the store for some fruit and kept walking down 16th to work.
Exchanged "good morning" waves with the guys at the garage.

A bus honked behind me and I turned around to see Leon piloting a 22 Fillmore, honking and waving at me as he passed by. He pulled in to the next bus stop and I hurried to get on.
"I've been looking for you now I'm back on the 22, but I think you're earlier than I am usually," he said, grinning.
"It's good to see you," I replied. "How've you been?"
We caught up on the past few months, joked and laughed until we got to my stop.
"Have a great day and stay dry," I told him.
"You too, see you later," he said.


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