Monday, February 04, 2019

Bus Report #1025

Saturday morning I hopped on the 38, headed down to Civic Center to meet up with Michael and James.
Mr. Polite was waiting for the bus too, and we exchanged greetings before we both got on the bus, Mr. Polite holding the door open for me. We settled in the back of the bus and caught up.
He showed me his new senior Clipper Card.
"I just got this," he said.
"You've got the key to the kingdom," I joked.
We talked about photography, as he is a photographer. He gave me some tips on how to take care of my film camera. He told me where I should go to buy film when I'm ready to take some pictures.
I asked him where he prints his photos. He has a dark room set up in his closet. I thought that was just the coolest.
He spends some time as a gallery monitor and was headed to the gallery just then. He patted all of his pockets, looking for his ear buds. He didn't find them. We agreed they were hopefully, probably at home on the kitchen  counter.
He told me that a lot of the downtown galleries are struggling, moving down to Potrero Hill for better rents. 
We traded favorite photographers. Brassai, Adams, Winograd for him. Nan Goldin, Janet Delaney and Walker Evans for me.
I pulled the signal cord as we approached Gough.
"Great to see you and catch up," I said.
"And you," he replied.
So polite.


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