Monday, August 26, 2019

Bus Report #1036

And with that, there goes summer 2019.
I can't say I've been busy doing anything too exciting or crazy.
A couple trips out of town, two writing workshops, visited family.

And Muni? Well, the buses keep arriving early, or most likely late.

Beautiful F Market streetcars rattle down Market. If you've been lucky, you've caught sight of my favorite, the boat tram, spruced up and on display for the summer season.

Leon is back on my morning route and when he sees me walking he honks and leans out the window to wave and call out his good mornings. I wave back, even if my hands are full, and smile.
Leon is one of the good guys.

In the afternoons I don't see Keith anymore, instead the new 22 Fillmore driver is a man I'll call Markus. He looked so familiar to me when I first saw him, so familiar, and I realized he used to be our DHL delivery guy. A decade ago.

After not seeing Mauricio for three months I spotted him in the Mission the other day. He was going in the other direction but I waved and he grinned. I guess he got a new job. Good for him.

Waiting for the 33 in the morning with the woman who works at the hospital a few days back. We talked for a few minutes, and it turns out we're both from back East, and her aunt used to live on the same street as my sister. Small world. "Where's that French teacher?" she asked, and I said he was still on vacation. His school doesn't start up again yet.

The mom with the two sons was on my bus last week. First day of school for the older boy, still sweet to his mom, but taller and more grown up. New school uniform and haircut. His little brother sat quietly in his stroller, staring into space as he does.


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