Thursday, August 29, 2019

Bus Report #1038

Last night I caught the 22 just as it was about to take off from our stop.
Whew. Thank you to our new driver! I appreciate it.

I sat in the back of the bus listening to a podcast and zoning out. Everyone else seemed to be doing the same. At Potrero a woman got on wearing an ankle-length dress slit all the way up to her upper thigh. Nice dress and nothing overly revealing, but the young man sitting beside me could not stop staring at her. She must've noticed: she tugged at the dress and pulled it closer. Thin black-line tattoos wrapped around her arms.

A few stops later, a familiar, fantastically dressed person got on and sat across from me.
It was Mister Fantastic! I haven't seen him in forever (a year? longer?). He was decked out in red. Red cardigan, red accessories, red socks, bright white sneakers. Flat rings on his fingers. Nicely trimmed beard and John Lennon round glasses, tinted.
As fashionable as ever.
I was glad to see him.

Another old friend: Last week I was on a 38R with Mister Polite. As we've been doing lately, we said hi and chatted a little, caught up. We got out at Park Presidio and walked together until we got to our street, where we went our separate ways. Still a lovely, polite gent.

The woman who drinks garlic tea on the 33 Ashbury in the mornings smiled at me today. I smiled back, I'm not going to be a jerk, but that garlic tea. That garlic tea. Would she agree to trade? I'll supply her with endless chamomile and mint tea. In perpetuity.


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