Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bus Report #18

As seen from the 22 Fillmore yesterday:

-Bumper Sticker: Horses- (Hor'ses)- See: Awesome!
-Accident: Car into car into car into bicycle, Guerrero and 16th,  no injuries as far as my seatmate and I could tell.
-The sleepy Chinese girl and her mom now say hello and goodbye to me when they see me on the bus.
-Doctor Bombay's is now a trendy bar called Cama, and Sugarpuss, a store no one ever went to, is closing.
-Trashy old Oak Street neighbors, still sitting out front their apartment, drinking 40's and smoking.
-New Hayes and Fillmore Hair Braiding Salon is now open.
-The kids on the bus were talking about the time they made the Teacher, who lives on Oak, cry and run from her classroom. She is always so nice and friendly on the bus, I wanted to throttle the kids. The girl said, "Imagine seventh graders making a TEACHER cry."
To which the boy just laughed. Oh, that poor Teacher.


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