Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bus Report #27

Open letter to the jerk sitting behind me on the 38 this morning:
There is no earthly reason why, at 7:28 in the morning, on a PUBLIC BUS, you should be having a screaming match with your soon to be ex-wife Grace. Maybe that is the only time you have to call her. Maybe that's the only time she is available. Fine. BUT DO IT AT HOME. I did not need or want to hear your tired excuses, your pledges for child support, the things you called her. Grace is so obviously better off without you. I hope you give her a lot of money. And if you sit near me again, be ready for me to get mad.

Did the commute get better? Ha. Of course not. High school brats on the 22, that's all I gotta say. Got to work on time, saw A. going in to the building as I was stepping off the bus. M. was coming down the block from the 10. I swatted him with my newspaper, broke routine by taking the elevator upstairs.


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