Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bus Report #28

Ran for the 22 today. The driver from the 38 let me run in front of his bus to catch it. A word about Mister 38 Geary: no matter how many people are waiting at my stop, he ALWAYS pulls right up in front of me, stopping on a dime it seems sometimes. It's great.
Anyway... So I ran for the 22, could feel my hair getting blown about from the wind, which must mean it's getting long.
The bus waits for me. The driver is the (in)famous driver, and he smiles and says hi and doesn't need to see my pass but I show it anyway. One of the teens is sitting in the front of the bus and she said hi to me, too, and smiled. I used to think she was as bad as the other MHS kids but she's okay. I gave her my September pass last Friday, figuring she could get another couple of days out of it. I guess we are now on smile-and-chat terms, which is okay with me! Other notable passengers included: Elderly, loud-talking wheelchair guy, the other MHS kids, Everett kids and E. Maxwell kids. And the most beautiful little girls in the world and their mom, and the woman with the three sons all under age 5.
The loud-talking wheelchair guy acted as a second driver, directing people to, "move on back, move on back and stay clear of the stairs, do you want this guy (the driver) to lose his job?"
At this comment, the teen girl, her friend and the woman standing near me started to talk about how by-the-book our driver was.
It was all I could do not to jump in and praise the man, he's got a tough job!
The bus wires near the Potrero Center were laden with sparrows. It was beautiful, they always are but especially today.


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