Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Oh, Channukah!

My annual Channukah party is this Friday, and in preparation for this fun and festive event I thought I'd share some observations.

1. Cultural Non-Sensicality/Sensitivity
The major super market chains continue to show their complete cultural incompetence this season. The culprits include Safeway and Cala Food. The stores that have Channukah themed displays still get it wrong. The displays are stocked with Channukah candles and Kedem wine and Latke mix, but they also have Matzah, Matzah meal, Gefilte fish and Yahrzeit candles. Even the most un-Jewish of Jewish people will tell you that the last 4 items are not for Channukah. They're for Passover, a spring holiday and Yahrzeit candles are for commemorating anniversaries of deaths. How very holiday spirited...
The displays do not have Channukah gelt, the foil wrapped chocolate coins that are so tasty.I found them in Cost Plus and Smart & Final, and that's it.

2. Dearth of the Dreidl
I like to give out Dreidls at my Channukah parties. Two years ago I gave out glass ones, last year it was wood and I was hoping for the little plastic ones this year. DENIED. I found 5 at the JCC but those were the last 5. No luck anywhere else yet, either. The JCC suggested synagogue gift shops but I can never get home in time to check those out. So if you're coming over this year, you will get left over wooden ones or you can fight over the 5 plastic ones.

3. Hip Hop Hudios
The Professor called me the other night to share a special holiday treat with me. He was at the Los Angeles Amoeba Records and found an album entitled, "Hip Hop Hudios".
Judios means Jews in Spanish, and the album is done by a collective of rock en espanol (and english) hip hop and rock musicians (If I have this right, it's guys from Jaguares, Orixa and a few other groups.)
He played a few selections for me, most memorably 'Havana Nagila' and 'kike on a bike'.
How funny!
If you know The Professor, be ware: he will probably send this to you this holiday season.

Happy second night of Channukah.


Blogger professoreric said...

First off, Word! Second, go to this link: Thirdly, Kike on the Mic, not Kike on a Bike. But that could be a good antisemetic song about helmet safety. yes.

11:26 AM  
Blogger april said...

best post so far, miss rach -
and i feel your pain about item #1. not exactly the magnitude of insulting, but it's like when italian restaurants have nothing green on the menu. hello?! my dad won't touch spinach because all he ate were greens out of the garden of his childhood home in italy. but ah, i digress.
any online sources for dreidls? dammit, now the dreidl song is in my head.
what an effed up 'catholic' i am -

1:26 PM  

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