Friday, April 15, 2005

Bus Report #58

I have a good feeling about today. It's solely based on this morning's commute.
1. The Brazilian sisters were on the 38, but annoying smiliey guy was not.
2. The (in)famous driver was our chauffeur on the 22 today.
3. My bus buddy Carmen was on the 22, and she had saved a seat in hopes that I would be on the bus.
4. We spent the whole ride talking about her girlhood in Puerto Vallarta.
5. At my stop, the driver forgot to let us out, but then remembered before he turned onto 17th Street.
6. It's sunny and warm out, and it's Friday.


Blogger april said...

if i'd have been on your bus this morning, you'd have written about me - i kept nodding off, and it wasn't pretty. BUT, there were two really cool girls my age on the bus, talking about knitting!, that was exciting. i'll have to make friends with them somehow.

4:01 PM  

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