Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bus Report #54

School’s back in session and the bus is full and loud again. Today I saw the Brazilian sisters, the Teen, the mom with the four little kids. Several people were late for the bus and I watched them run for it. Two made it and two didn’t. I usually hope they miss the bus, I can be mean like that, but today I rooted for them to catch it. Since I’ve been running for busses a lot lately.

Two new restaurants are opening in the Fillmore. Happy Donuts and Happy Shabu Shabu. Four doors apart. What’s next, Happy Coffee? Happy Fresh Fish? The mind fairly boggles.

Around lunch time, H. told me someone had killed themselves jumping off of the Potrero Center. We all wondered how that was possible. It’s not a tall building or anything, but I guess if you jumped from the right spot headfirst you could do some serious damage. I don’t know if the story is true, I guess it’ll be in the-worlds-worst-daily-newspaper tomorrow if it is. The-worlds-worst-daily-newspaper loves the sensational stories. I only mention it because I’ve had a fascination with jumpers for the longest time. I used to write stories with jumpers in them all the time. My mother told me once she thought it might be because when I was a kid we had a neighbor who was pushed out of a window in her house and died. It was her husband who pushed her. A horrific story, but I think it might be the reason why I am so interested in them.


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