Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bus Report #52

The bus smelled like fish and chips tonight, with lots of vinegar. I had a well-dressed man sitting beside me. At one point, he sighed and said, “I hate the bus.”
I said, “It’s a necessary evil.”
“Yeah,” he sighed.
Three Mexican guys standing nearby discussed how much they loved the Aguilas, and how much they hate how all the sneakers they like are made in China.
A group of California Culinary Academy students talked loudly about key lime pie and raspberry mousse. The woman who works at the Anchor Steam Brewery was sitting next to them. She smiled at me and mouthed a hello.

I have not seen Ben in two weeks. I hope he’s on vacation, but maybe he got a new job and a new bus line.

One mom and kid got on the bus. The little boy was in a bad mood. He practically threw his fare into the fare box, stomped into the bus. The mom told him to say he was sorry to the driver, and to ask for a transfer.

Another kid and mom walked to the door from the rear of the bus. A man sitting in a window seat had fallen asleep and the boy smacked the unoccupied aisle seat, startling the man awake.

There’s a new bakery opening at Geary and Fillmore, in the Pittman’s Barbeque space.
I think they’ll do well, with all the morning commuters that pass by.


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