Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bus Report #56

Last night I took the bus over to Thee Parkside to hear Citizens Here and Abroad. They are a local band and I've liked them for a couple of years.
The bus was crowded and slow. I was cold and kept trying to pull my jacket closed.
A loud woman sat down in front of me and immediately started yakking, annoyingly, into a cell phone. It bothered me to no end, her loudness, her idiotic conversation, her poorly designed and worse knit hat.
A scruffy boy with a dog got on the bus, and I hoped they would stay away from me. It was a pit bull, muzzled, but I am not convinced that those cloth muzzles work.
No surprise, they sat right beside me. The dog made himself comfortable under the bench. He was kind of cute, and did not seem vicious, but still I moved my legs as far over to the side as I could.
Then he raised his head, sighed, and leaned against my knee. There was nothing to do but laugh and ask the dog's name.
The boy said, "His name is Blueberry."
I like blueberries so I decided I did not mind the dog. Which was good because he laid down on my feet a moment later.
He was a good, if a little smelly foot warmer.
I was the only person to get off the bus at the Parkside stop.
Inside the bar, it was quiet. There was a boy at the bar hunched over a notebook, writing.
He reminded me of my cousin J. (There are at least 10 boys in the city that look like J., some like older versions of him and some like younger. I always smile at them fondly and I am sure they have no idea why).


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