Friday, March 11, 2005

Bus Report #52

Yesterday afternoon I took the 33 home instead of the 22. A woman who works in my building sat in front of me, and we ended up chatting. She's one of those people you see everyday and say hi to, and like, but never actually talk to. But we introduced ourselves and shook hands (for a shipping clerk she has a weak grip). She works downstairs and I always see her pushing large trolleys full of cardboard boxes. It takes me back to my days as a shipping clerk... Ah, good times...
Anyway, as we were talking I noticed that she has an accent, an easy, slow southern type accent. Turns out she is from Tennessee. We had a nice little conversation and then she got off the bus. The sunset over Twin Peaks was lovely and the bus was not too full. The driver was funny: a Mission High softball player got on, and the driver yelled back to her, "Did you win, or lose?"
The girl muttered, "We lost."

This morning, everyone was dressed in summery styles because it's nice and warm out. I saw Ebony carrying a bouquet of flowers. Even the (in)famous bus driver had a smile on his face. Lots of teens wearing short skirts and tight tops. Lots of pale winter skin.


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