Monday, April 18, 2005

Bus Report #59

The little boy who sat in front of me on the 22 tonight wouldn’t stop eating snacks. He kept rooting in his mom’s backpack for candy bars and peanut butter crackers. He does this every afternoon. He stuffed a candy in his mouth then opened his own backpack and started working on his Chinese School homework.
The Teen was on the bus as well, and she said hello to me as she boarded and again as she got off.
There was a tall boy in a suit and a fedora walking along Church Street. He looked so polished and classic, and I wished he’d get on the bus so I could watch him for awhile. Instead, several people got on with suitcases and grocery carts, clogging up the aisle.
MUNI is thinking of cutting back on some of the bus lines. Many of them are the secondary lines that service my neighborhood. I am not happy about it and I am actually thinking of attending one of the public meetings. Except that I worry I’d cause a scene.


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