Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bus Report #62

This week on the bus:
Monday: The bus home was sardine-packed.I stood near the front of the bus, holding onto the strap for dear life. There was a pre-teen girl standing too, she could barely touch the strap as she was about a foot shorter than me. I had a plan to catch her if she lost her balance.
At Potrero, the bus emptied a little and I snagged a seat. I was pleased to see that my seatmate was my old busmate Ebony. We have been riding the bus together for at least four years on and off.
We had a lovely chat about her job, new business in the neighborhood and her impending move to Florida.
I teased her a little and then she got off the bus.
As we passed through the Castro, I saw someone dressed in costume as a large smiling penis. It's part of a public health campaing to prevent STDs. It was funny, lots of people were shaking his hand, taking fliers from him.
I stopped off in the Haight to get a haircut, then spent an interminably long time waiting for the 33 with the most disgusting gutter punks and Golden Gate park dwellers imaginable.
When the bus did come, it was pretty empty except for some kids who were either tagging with heavy duty sharpies or sniffing glue in the back of the bus. I moved to the front because the smell was making me feel sick.

At the bus stop Tuesday morning I waited with the Teen for the bus. She was debating if she would have time to make it to the post office to mail a letter before the bus came. She would not have had the time, so I offered to post her letter for her on my way to work. There's a mailbox right near the place where I buy my copy of The-World's-Worst-Daily-Paper.
She thanked me and told me she had some tests to take at school. She's a sophomore at Mission.

On the way home, I tried very carefully to not jostle my little Joshua tree (named Joshua) that was a gift from a former co-worker. It needs a lot of sun and there's not enough at work. Getting the tree and myself situated was tricky at best, but it worked out. At Bryant, a young woman tried to get off the bus with her infant and toddler. A very creepy elderly lady lost patience with her and smacked her with her shopping bag. As usually happens, the creepy lady came and sat right beside me for the rest of my ride.


Blogger Greg said...

I hate the Healthy Penis campaign so much. I would rather get syphilis that have to look at that damn smiling penis. Luckily, the British would never do anything even remotely similar.

The French, on the other hand, have come up with the most distressing anti-AIDS campaign ever:

Now compare:

It's a tough call...

6:29 PM  
Blogger Lynn said...

Sorry that I looked.

The French campaign seems to have been spawned by someone with a very strange fetish while the Healthy Penis is just very strange.

Both make me want to shower. Yuck!

12:24 PM  

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