Friday, April 29, 2005

Bus Report #64

While waiting for the 22 last night I had a nice chat with Ramon. He claims that he is not very social, but I don't buy it. Since he will talk to a relative stranger at length several times a week at the bus stop.
This morning I had the shaved head bus driver with the glasses. He sped down Fillmore and 16th so that I got to Potrero with about 20 minutes to spare. I got a coffee at the Potrero Center and then was pleased to see that the empty space will soon become a branch of my bank. No more after work treks to the Mission, or missing the teller because my neighborhood branch closes at 6 PM before I get home.
I walked to work, newspaper tucked under my arm, coffee balanced in my other hand. It was sunny and warm and felt good. At Kansas Street, a 22 passed by. The driver was the shaved head driver without the glasses, and he honked and waved at me. I raised my coffee in salute.
The empty lot on Kansas is grown over with weeds. This time of year, walking by, the smell reminds me of being a kid, walking down Route 177 with The Professor and Baby Sister to Jim's store during our summers in Penobscot. It always puts me in a good mood before I get to work.


Blogger Meagan said...

and our bank is opening a branch in coolidge corner, so no more treking to H Sq... is it a good or bad sign that these are the things that make us happy?

8:23 AM  

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