Friday, May 13, 2005

Bus Report #67

Last night on the bus, everyone had a walkman. This was curious (as of late I have been the only commuter without and IPod) but heartening. One guy kept opening his walkman (a yellow sports style walkman), flipping the tape, closing it, pressing buttons like mad, then starting the whole thing over. I wanted to point out that maybe keeping his MUNI transfer inside the walkman was causing it to not work.
The bus was packed. I managed to get a seat though, right next to Ramon. we talked about his week (he is a sales clerk at a high-end carpet store) and about the design center in general.
On the 38, another guy with a walkman was doing the tape-flipping thing for about 10 minutes.

This morning I came into work early. Carmen was on the 38 so we were able to chat for quite a long time, on our usual subjects: our work, our families and her girlhood in Mexico. She's a doll.


Blogger april said...

i LOVE the detail about the transfer IN the walkman - ha! buspeople are great.

12:47 PM  

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