Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bus Report #107

This morning I thought K. was washing a lot of dishes in the kitchen but soon realized it was raining outside.
The bus shelter at my stop was packed full so I stood in my usual spot and let the rain fall on me.
Both busses today were wet and stuffy. People knocked soaking bags and umbrellas against everyone else, set the umbrellas down on the empty seats making the seats wet and unusable.
A woman came on the bus with a plastic grocery bag on her head. It makes me very nervous and sick to see that, and I had to look away from her. Which was difficult since she was sitting in front of me.
The man sitting next to me on the 22 spent the whole ride staring out the window and stroking his beard.
Three people wore orange rain slickers.
It's very dark in the mornings now, and even though I ride with the same group of people everyday, it sort of feels like we have become night shift workers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate it when the days get shorter and it is dark in the morning when you go to work and dark at night when you come home from work.

12:31 AM  

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