Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bus Report #134

It's been an average week over all.
Wet commutes, umbrellas, Carmen, the regulars, pushy people.

Except for yesterday afternoon.
I walked up to the 33 Stanyan early, as part of my attempt to get home early and go to the Laundromat.
The bus came quickly, I was able to get a window seat. I put on my headphones and let Elliott Smith and the rhythm of the bus lull me into sleepiness.
At Harrison, a woman got off the bus through the front, even though you are supposed to exit through the back door. As she got out, it looked as though she had shoved a man getting on. He cursed, she cursed, then somehow she fell off the stairs and was caught by a couple of people waiting to board.
That should have been the end of it. The man should have rolled his eyes. Said something about rudeness, or crazy people, and then settled in to read his book.
But no.
The woman immediately started yelling and screaming, saying, "I was assaulted! That man assaulted me! Call the police, I want to put a report on him!"
Everyone was baffled.
The man said, "No, YOU pushed ME."
The driver said, "Move on, ma'am, let those people board."
Those of us already on the bus heaved a collective sigh of resignation-we'll-have-to-get-off-the-bus-while-the-driver-calls-HQ-I-wish-she'd-leave.
So the woman climbed back on the bus and started verbally abusing the driver, the guy she shoved, and calling them all sorts of names. We knew she was crazy when she started calling them sluts.
She insisted on writing down the bus number and then wanted our driver's badge number. He told her he was not giving it to her, and she screamed, "I can see the numbers on your sleeve! Take off your jacket!"
There was what looked like a tussle of some kind. He finally took the jacked half off so she could scribble the number down.
People in the back of the bus started yelling, "Get off the bus you crazy bitch!" and, "Let's go, already!"
Finally, she got off the bus, still yelling about calling the cops, getting him fired, getting the man she pushed arrested for assault.
As we pulled away, I watched her get ready to board the 22 Fillmore that had been waiting behind us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the crazy Muni stories! Almost makes me nostalgic...

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