Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bus Report #127

Uneventful and rainy week.
Several commutes chatting with Carmen or Ebony about the state of MUNI.
Wet seats and stuffy buses.
Yesterday afternoon, I was in the back of the bus with a group of kids. One girl was in her late teens and she was trying to coach the little boys (Everett Middle School kids) how to talk to girls.
"You need to learn some manners," she told them. "Like, say hi, how you doing, I like your hair or something like that. Girls like that." she looked to a couple of middle school girls who were sitting nearby for confirmation. They tried to act disinterested, chewing their gum and playing with their cellphones, but they were listening.
The girl asked the boys if they had girlfriends, and they tried to evade the question, getting embarrassed and mumbling.
"No girlfriends," she said. "that's why you gotta learn manners."

This morning I asked a guy if I could sit in the window seat, the only empty dry seat on the 38. He smiled, said, "Absolutely not," then moved so I could sit down. What a kidder... Not what I need at 7 AM, but that's okay.


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