Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bus Report #128

The bus was packed last night.
The kids from Enola Maxwell were gossiping and debating who's public housing project was cooler. The North Beach kids said their's was best, because they were so close to Chinatown. I had to smile, it was funny.

I had a series of large women with packages sitting beside me.

A boyish girl tried to catch the eye of a girlish boy. I think she was trying to figure out if he was a boy or a girl.

As I was waiting for the 38, an elderly Russian lady came up to me and started tugging on my sleeve. She tried to ask me something in Russian, a language I do not speak. I told her I did not speak Russian, then told her which direction Fillmore Street was, since she kept repeating, "Fillmore! Fillmore!"
She wandered away in the wrong direction. I hope she got where she was going.

Back in the neighborhood I had a slow, easy walk home. I was feeling a little melancholy, but I passed the donut shop and saw the Alien Donut Man, and then I felt much better. I smiled the rest of the way home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Russian ladies at JFK Airport (just off the plane from Moscow) picked me to ask, via pointing and ticket waving, where to find their luggage. I wonder, do we look Russian or just helpful?

3:05 PM  

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